MENU. Nov 20, 2011

Thanksgiving Menu 2011

This menu is missing it’s lead character, the turkey. I do have an incredible roast chicken recipe that I’m sure will translate wonderfully for turkey. I have never, and have not volunteered for, the job of creating the lead role for Thanksgiving dinner. Just writing about how I have not taken on this task makes my heart start beating rapidly, in panic, not excitement. I love bringing the side dishes, pie, drinks, anything really, except the main dish. I really dislike cooking meat as a main dish in general. This is not because I dislike eating meat, oh no, I do love my local meat, a lot. I just don’t enjoy cooking the stuff.

This role is usually handed off to my husband and he happily accepts. He also happens to make an incredible dish anytime he is in charge so why mess with a good thing? I am thankful for his willingness and patience in this area and so many others. I am thankful someone else has always taken on the grand task of roasting the turkey so I can enjoy my holiday without a mild panic attack. I am thankful for so many things it would take way to much of your time. I am thankful for you, my readers. These are suggestions for bringing seasonal, local ingredients to your table without too much time or money. Enjoy.

Cheesy Kale Salad

Ranch, Beet, Avocado Salad

Roasted Beets

Quinoa Vegetable Stuffed Winter Squash

Quinoa Kale Zucchini Cheesy Gratin

Curried Carrot Coconut Soup

Whole Wheat Garlic Herb Rolls

Carrot “Pumpkin” Pie

Cranberry Ginger Apple Pie

Pear Ginger Apple Pie

Easy Cinnamon Rolls if you are still hungry the next morning. I hope everyone enjoys their holiday and many thanks to all those who read this blog. Food is such a vital and central role in connection during the holidays. Thank you for connecting.