RECIPE. Sep 22, 2010

A Beet to Remember

I don’t usually post salad recipes on this blog. This is not because I am against the salad nor am I holding some salad embargo. I just feel salads are so simple and intuitive that you don’t need someone telling you how to throw together greens and vegetables. That was until I had lunch with a dear friend a few weeks back and she started talking about her favorite salad. I had never heard of mixing the ingredients she was talking about and while our conversation moved on to more important matters, a part of my mind kept coming back to her description. After she left her laughter and good company lingered, as did my yearning for her recommendation.

I immediately called her and requested the exact preparation method. She told me she fills a pot with water, adds some basalmic vinegar and brings to a boil. She adds beets and boils for about 20 minutes (I boiled my longer, about 30 minutes, as I like very soft beets). She said she places greens on a plate, adds half an avocado and the beets and then tops with a creamy dressing such as ranch or buttermilk. I decided to use mustard greens from the garden as I love their spicy mustard flavor. I added cucumber slices and some sunflower seeds for protein and topped with ranch dressing.

I topped it off with a whole half of avocado and the beets whole. I just cut the avocado and beets as I ate. Upon first bite I was addicted. I was depressed when I was finished and couldn’t wait to eat it all over again the next day for lunch. After going through my garden supply of beets I eagerly waited for our Saturday harvest to get more. I waited three whole days and then harvest day came and the group agreed NOT to harvest beets. The pregnant lady crumbled, whined “Why?!” and was immediately granted special access to a few beets. Needless to say I took my harvest home and this was the first thing I made and gleefully enjoyed for the next three days. Now I wait, again.