RECIPE. Jun 10, 2011

It Still Spring Pea Asparagus Avocado Pasta

It still feels like spring around here and it’s the beginning of June. In fact, right now, at this very moment I write, it is grey skies and overcast and probably in the middle 50’s. All I have to say is “WTF?!” I want to wear flip flops, sun dresses and coat my little boy from head to toe in sun screen. I want to run his little naked butt through the fountain and hear his squeals of delight in chorus with all the other kids getting drenched in the sun. I am throwing an adult temper tantrum and cursing the skies. I am so completely over this grey cloud that has become our daily forecast. The worst part is the weather throws out these days that are just one big tease. A clear blue 70 degree day followed by a rain shower of reality the next.

Even in our community garden we are beginning to harvest produce, happily lingering to pull weeds as the sun warms our backs only to return the following week dressed in rain coats and frowns.If you are reading this from a place that is eternally sunny, then screw you. I’m clearly jealous. The only bright light in these grey days are the meals I make for our family. I’ve been trying to use seasonal produce, especially focusing on goods from our garden. This recipe was obtained from and was both so delicious and quick. It is also a spin off of another favorite recipe of mine.

Use your fingers to fluff up the leftover pasta a bit, so its not clumpy or stuck together. Set aside. In a small bowl crack the eggs and beat them really well with a pinch of salt.

In a big skillet melt the oil and butter over medium high heat. If you’re using a vegetable that might take longer to cook than others, add those to the pan - for example, asparagus or broccoli. Add a couple pinches of salt, stir, cover, and cook for a couple minutes. Until the vegetables are bright, and just cooked.

Now stir in anything that just needs a quick flash of cooking - in this case pea greens, but chopped greens would go in at this point if you’re using those. Stir, and cook just until tender - a minute or so. Pull about 1/3 of the vegetables out of the pan and set them aside.

Now, add the pasta to the skillet, and toss well. Once the pasta is hot, turn down the heat, wait a moment, then quickly stir in the eggs. Stir well, then cover the pan, remove from heat, and let everything sit for a minute. Uncover, give everything another toss, the egg should be cooked through. Taste, and adjust the seasoning before dividing between two plates. Top with the reserved vegetables, cooked pork, cheese and some chopped avocado.