RECIPE. Jun 21, 2010

Egg all over your Spaghetti

I have a good friend that uses my favorite phrase when she has done something embarrassing “There is egg all over my face”. Makes me smile every time I hear her say it. Gives me a good visual about how embarrassed she is about whatever it is she did. I’m humbly embarrassed to say this post is incredibly simple, and most likely unnecessary. Yet I was vaulted forward to share this recipe by my fond childhood memory of this dish. This dish was a standby at my house on nights were no one wanted to make anything for dinner and yet we were all starving. It was comfort food in the way of macaroni and cheese. I recently began making the dish because it sounded good when nothing else in the house even looked the least bit appetizing.

As with many family recipes, there aren’t exact measurements and its all a matter of taste, but I’ll give you the ingredients and let you know how we used to cook it up and you can change whatever you want. I typically use Angel hair pasta but have used whole wheat, gluten free, etc and they all hold up well. Angel hair is still my favorite choice for this particular group of ingredients. A quick 101 on measuring pasta: place your pointer finger on the inside indent in your thumb so it makes a little circle. Place spaghetti inside the hole and this is one serving.

Heat up olive oil in frying pan over medium heat with garlic. Cook about 2 min then add cooked pasta and eggs. Cook until eggs are almost done, about 2 min. Throw in spinach leaves and cook until leaves are soft. Add more olive oil at any time to help keep things cooking smoothly and not burning.

Remove from heat, place in bowl, shred cheese over top of dish and salt & pepper to taste.