RECIPE. May 9, 2011

Reuban Desperation

The boy hadn’t slept all night and thought taking a nap was a big joke. This mama was tired, exhausted really and ready to crawl into bed, pull up the covers and never come out. Then there was the subject of dinner. On a day like this, there is no inspiration or energy. The bones are tired, muscles weak and the brain running circles, trying to problem solve the unsolvable…a sleepless baby. It was on a day like this I managed to get an hour to myself while he actually slept and took the time to salivate over food blogs and try to find motivation amongst the cupcakes, oatmeal, soups and quinoa. It was here that I found my saving grace. A meal that is so delicious and full of comfort but incredibly easy and most ingredients I had on hand.

From start to finish this sandwich takes about 15-20 minutes. Ingredients are simple and if you don’t have them already, they are fairly cheap. The key is the avocado and the sauce. I was doubtful about the mix of saurkraut and avocado but it was unbelievable.

Spread butter on one side of bread, place in non-stick skillet. Layer bread with Thousand Island, sauerkraut, cheese and turn heat low to medium.  Spread butter on one side of second slice of bread and place in pan.

Layer with thousand island, meat and diced avocado.  Put slices together to make full sandwich, some ingredients may slip out but thats okay.  Cook till bread browns on both sides, flipping once or twice. Serve with salad or home made potato fries. Consume heartily and make in desperate times.