RECIPE. Dec 16, 2011

Pumpkin Cheesecake Holiday

Hello there. It’s been a while. Not sure you remember me. I’m the one with the clever, seasonal blog that you have been checking every day for the past two weeks only to be disappointed and heavy hearted when you learn there is not a single new post. Two weeks. Two whole weeks have gone by without even a little peep from this lady that calls herself a “blogger”. Shameful. Shame on me. I will, however, happily pull the, “It’s the holidays” card and leave you embarrassed that you ever thought bad thoughts about me….you know you did.

Well I am about to make it up to you in a BIG way. A creamy, cheesy, sweet and addicting way. It’s not even my own recipe. I straight up stole it from this lady. Sorry Pioneer Woman. Your cheesecake recipe with it’s gingersnap crust and pumpkin goodness is just far to delicious to keep secret any longer. Seriously. I ate the whole thing by myself. I may have given a piece or two to friends but I ate at least half the damn thing in the matter of seven days and that, my friends, took some serious self restraint.

A dear friend of mine had made this a few weeks back and I had ordered her to save me a piece or our friendship would officially be over. I don’t mess around when it comes to food, especially cheesecake. She complied, somewhat grudgingly, I may add, and I wouldn’t blame her one bit. My first bite may or may not have been followed up by some very inappropriate groaning and moaning. This is the kind of shit you sell your first child, and maybe your second, just so you can get one more fix. I’m dead serious. It’s that good.

This recipe is in now way healthy or “good for you” but it is so very very “good for you”. If you make it and feel guilty about eating every single slice all by yourself, call me up and I will happily fly my ass across the country to join you in a slice of heaven and self pity. We could be best friends!

You should follow all the instructions on the original post and do not be afraid if your cake starts to rise and look a bit like a volcano exploding in your oven. It’s supposed to do that and it will return to a preferable shape once it has cooled off a bit. I would also highly recommend setting the springform pan on a rimmed baking sheet because I found the butter from the crust would drip into the oven and made my kitchen so very smokey.

An insignificant price to pay for such a sinful treat. I also highly recommend inviting over as many friends as possible to help you consume this cake or you will easily be having “just one more bite” until you realize there are no more bites left to consume and your stomach feels a bit achy. The recipe recommends chilling the cake at least four hours or over night and I tried to push the limit and cool it exactly four hours. I believe this was a mistake. This is a dessert that should be made the day before and just gets better with age, as most things in this world.

The original recipe calls for caramel but my friend and I both felt this cake was rich enough on it’s own. Be your own judge but I would reserve the caramel for a topping, if at all.