RECIPE. Sep 27, 2011

Power Ball Motivation

It’s been eleven days since I last posted a recipe. I hang my head in shame as I admit this fact. This is the longest amount of time I have let lapse between posts, even since my son was born. Guess it gives you a good idea just how busy I have been. Except, I haven’t. Been busy that is. I’ve just been lazy. Lapping up the last days of summer that came after I waved my white flag and gave into fall. Just like that we had one last week of warmth, sunshine, blue skies and we made the most of it. There might have also been a birthday party to celebrate my son’s first year of life and our first year as parents. At said party, there also might have been the most amazing cupcake cake you have ever seen. You will see pictures, in due time.

Today, however, I am sharing a very popular recipe. I gave out a few samples to friends and family and they have been begging for the recipe. In order to keep my blog alive, I refused to share the recipe but agreed to inform them when I had posted it. That may or may not have been at least a week ago.

While I haven’t been as active posting, I have been very busy in the kitchen. Snapping photos, writing down teaspoons, cups and measurements to share with all of you who read what I have to write. So expect an increase in posts. I have an incredible recipe for maple cupcakes with avocado (yes you read that correctly) frosting, pickled green beans and healthy banana based chocolate cookies.

As I write, there are garlic, onions and tomatoes roasting in my oven, filling my house with the most intoxicating aroma. I will share this recipe as well. I promise not to be gone so long next time. If I am, just know I am enjoying the sunshine, my kitchen and my family.

Mix everything above in a medium bowl until thoroughly mixed. Let chill in fridge for one hour. Once chilled, roll into balls. Store in airtight container in fridge for one week. Or freeze and thaw on counter.