RECIPE. Jan 27, 2011

A Salad for the Boys

Salad is not a main dish in our house. Not due to my lack of creativity but due to my husbands dire need for what he calls “substance” and salad does not meet his requirements. Then I stumbled upon a salad recipe that called for eggs, bacon and avocado. It sounded like a BLAT without the bread. Sign me up and let me try to pass it off as a main course. I am sure the ingredients seem ordinary and uninventive but I have eaten this for the last five days straight for lunch. It’s salty, hearty and packed with just enough vegetables to make you believe you are balancing out the eggs and bacon. Maybe.

It is a quick meal, fairly inexpensive and the meat can easily be left out or substituted with “fake” meat. While soups have warmed our bellies most of these cold nights, this meal had just the right mix of comfort and nutrition to fill our bellies without leaving us rolling off our chairs. It’s also a quiet reminder that spring is not to far away. Regular salads from the garden, fresh vegetables and days of sunshine feel just close enough to touch. This salad is the perfect transitional meal from winter to spring.

If you are not clear on how to hard boil an egg then fill a pot with water, place eggs in pot, put pot on stove and bring to boiling. Remove pot from heat, cover and set aside for 10 min. Peel eggs under cool running water. Split ingredients into two large bowls, top with favorite salad dressing and consume!