MENU. Apr 16, 2010

Oh baby

Babies. They’re adorable, cute, hilarious and full of surprising noises. They get my heart to slow down and take in a great deep gulp of peace and love. To hold one is a treasure, to have one is a blessing. They coo, smile, sleep, fart and poop. They ask nothing and everything. They can cause hearts to melt and tempers to flare. They are little human beings with great power. I was recently thrilled to cater a friends baby shower. It was her second and she opted to throw it in a nail salon. It wasn’t your typical salon. It was very classy, smelled of flowers and fruit and even had a little table to set all the food. All the girls pampered themselves with manicures and pedicures. While waiting for pampering, others decorated onsies with cute messages and photos. Even my friends niece got in on the action.

While I can only take credit for one of the recipes, I will post copious links so you can cater another event for someone you care about. The fruit salad just asks you to mix all the ingredients in a bowl, except the banana and coconut. Once mixed, sprinkle coconut on top and place banana slices on top.

The next recipe is taken from 101 cookbooks and is her sweet potato falafel recipe. I paired these with a red pepper and artichoke dip from my local co-op.

The next recipe is taken from Eggs on Sunday and is Avocado, Black Bean and Vegetable Dip

The last and final recipe is taken from 101 Cookbooks again (she’s good) and is her Caramelized Onion dip. I paired this with fresh cut vegetables and crackers.

The dessert was made by a local baker but deserve photo op time as it was so incredible.

At the end we were all happily stuffed, pampered and feeling as though we had already held this little girl in our hearts.